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IREC is being incubated by Just Reasonable Ltd

Just Reasonable Ltd is a non-profit company led by disabled people, founded in 2016. Just Reasonable provides legal advice and representation in employment discrimination claims and reinvests any surplus generated from fees for this work into providing pro bono services, including legal advice e-clinic for academics, and research on employment discrimination. Just Reasonable is also incubating the relaunch of the Disabled Workers Union in 2024, and is co-ordinating crowd-sourced research to develop a generic Stress Risk Assessment for UK HE, given the very high level of stress hazards researchers and HE staff are exposed to, and the very low level of institutional focus on pro-actively identifying and assessing stress risk.

IREC is led by a volunteer Steering Group, and incubated by Just Reasonable Ltd. Current Steering Group members are:

Dr Bethlehem Gebru – Qualitative researcher at King’s College London

Dr Helen Kara – Independent researcher, author, and speaker

Becca Jiggens – Director, Just Reasonable Ltd & PhD Student University of Leeds

Just Reasonable Ltd is a CLG registered in England and Wales #10366066 318, PL3 6AQ

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